Why I Love Psionics

July 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

So once upon a time, when I was a starry-eyed college student, I met a guy who made games. I thought that was pretty cool, because my dad made games too, and as a result, I tended to like gaming a lot.

We met at his LARP, which I fell in love with, but I eventually started playing some of his other games as well. He had a bunch of them that he’d been working on since he was young and, as a compulsive creator, kept making more. Around the time I started really hanging out with him a lot, he introduced me to one in particular – Psionics.

Psionics RPG kickstarter

Art by Ian Llamas

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Mik Levels Up!

August 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

So I don’t post much, and for that I’m sorry. Part of it is that we’ve been more focused on conventions than products lately, and I haven’t had too much time for art.

I recounted my experience at Retcon here, and overall, I had an excellent time.

But I wanted to share another part of my life, and that is my outlook on the gaming industry as a woman.

I started a blog, Sh*t Not to Say to Women at Conventions, in response to the convention harassment I have experienced, and seen others experience. It’s slowly building followers, and we’re almost at the 200 mark.

While at GenCon, I met and did a panel with the lovely women at Gaming as Women. (Here’s the skinny on that). Filamena Young, of Machine Age Productions, suggested that I submit an article about my new blog.

I did, and then ran off to Retcon. So when I got back, I was very surprised and happy to hear that I was being invited to be an author for the Gaming as Women site!

Pretty exciting! I know I’m stoked just to be a part of that community of wonderful writers.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me!

On the End Transmission Games front, look out for a new Singularity module that we’ll be releasing for Con on the Cob in October. It’s going to be a busy week for me – laying out the new product, running a 5k, and moving to a new apartment. But I love my work, and even though it gets busy, it’s always extremely rewarding in the end.


Be Like Water

July 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

That’s my motto for End Transmission Games.

Part of my job is artist wrangling, but I have little to no say over the freelance writers we hire. That’s the line dev’s job. I just have to make it all look pretty, and make sure it reads correctly.

We were all excited for the release of two setting sourcebooks for Gen Con. But things… with the writers… happened. And it came to be that a week before the books were due in for the printers, neither manuscript was done. Well, crud!

Lucky for us, we had another mod book in reserve, and in only a few days, the beaut was all ready and laid out. This left me with no time to get a new cover commissioned, however.

So we cheated a bit. One of our freelancers, the extremely talented Miguel Santos, had drawn a piece for us for hire for the Singularity core book. I took to my tablet and colored my heart out.

So… without further ado, I present the official cover image for FIREFIGHT, End Transmission Games’ next release – lineart by Miguel Santos, coloring by me!

Not going to lie, coloring other artists’ pieces is still rather new to me. Miguel’s work is incredibly detailed and rich, so it posed a pretty tough challenge. I’d like to think that I rose to that challenge… well, we’ll see what the public thinks!

Singularity is out!

June 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Singularity is out!

The Singularity System is out!

Go and buy it if you like:
-Roleplaying games
-Science fiction
-Mechs, starfighters, and starship battles
-Awesome shit

Oh, hello!

May 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

I have some cool news!

Singularity System comes out in THREE WEEKS! Holy crap!

Do you like science fiction? Do you sling them dice? Are you a badass? (Of course you are.)

Do you like well-designed, well put together games, made with lots and lots of love?

Check us out! And follow us on @ETGames or on facebook (facebook.com/EndTransmissionGames) for more updates as we get closer!

Powered Armor!

May 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Powered Armor!

This bitch has shoulder cannons all up in her pauldrons and she don’t care who knows it.

Not that anyone would want to steal my crappy roughs, but this art is (c) End Transmission Games LLC.

Mmm, delicious layout…

May 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

Surfacing yet again. Very excited about what’s going on with the Singularity System. Almost all the art is done. Except mine, of course…


Oh, I’m sorry, is that a badass spread from Singularity? Sweet.

Being in the throes of layout is my favorite part of the job, but it’s also the most stressful. I still feel like we’re in crunch time just trying to get this sucker shipped out to us in time for Origins (which, by the way, you should totally come to and say hello to us).

But I like putting together the puzzle pieces when laying out a book, seeing it come together right in front of my eyes. All the little parts that are cool alone, but awesome in concert. I like putting together the jumble of autoflow words and tables into something that – I think – looks pretty darn fine.

And that’s all she wrote, folks!