Mik Levels Up!

August 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

So I don’t post much, and for that I’m sorry. Part of it is that we’ve been more focused on conventions than products lately, and I haven’t had too much time for art.

I recounted my experience at Retcon here, and overall, I had an excellent time.

But I wanted to share another part of my life, and that is my outlook on the gaming industry as a woman.

I started a blog, Sh*t Not to Say to Women at Conventions, in response to the convention harassment I have experienced, and seen others experience. It’s slowly building followers, and we’re almost at the 200 mark.

While at GenCon, I met and did a panel with the lovely women at Gaming as Women. (Here’s the skinny on that). Filamena Young, of Machine Age Productions, suggested that I submit an article about my new blog.

I did, and then ran off to Retcon. So when I got back, I was very surprised and happy to hear that I was being invited to be an author for the Gaming as Women site!

Pretty exciting! I know I’m stoked just to be a part of that community of wonderful writers.

So, that’s what’s been going on with me!

On the End Transmission Games front, look out for a new Singularity module that we’ll be releasing for Con on the Cob in October. It’s going to be a busy week for me – laying out the new product, running a 5k, and moving to a new apartment. But I love my work, and even though it gets busy, it’s always extremely rewarding in the end.


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