Be Like Water

July 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

That’s my motto for End Transmission Games.

Part of my job is artist wrangling, but I have little to no say over the freelance writers we hire. That’s the line dev’s job. I just have to make it all look pretty, and make sure it reads correctly.

We were all excited for the release of two setting sourcebooks for Gen Con. But things… with the writers… happened. And it came to be that a week before the books were due in for the printers, neither manuscript was done. Well, crud!

Lucky for us, we had another mod book in reserve, and in only a few days, the beaut was all ready and laid out. This left me with no time to get a new cover commissioned, however.

So we cheated a bit. One of our freelancers, the extremely talented Miguel Santos, had drawn a piece for us for hire for the Singularity core book. I took to my tablet and colored my heart out.

So… without further ado, I present the official cover image for FIREFIGHT, End Transmission Games’ next release – lineart by Miguel Santos, coloring by me!

Not going to lie, coloring other artists’ pieces is still rather new to me. Miguel’s work is incredibly detailed and rich, so it posed a pretty tough challenge. I’d like to think that I rose to that challenge… well, we’ll see what the public thinks!

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