My little “helpers”

April 17, 2013 § 2 Comments

So, I’ve been itching to paint lately. Digital painting, mind – I’ve never been trained in the real medium. I’m afraid all my forays into actual wet media have ended in misery. But Photoshop and I get on just fine, for the most part.

I was excited to take the opportunity for the illustrations for our next release, Singularity, but then disaster struck.

Disaster, in this case, is brown, has four paws, one curly tail, and two very large ears.


This is ETG’s dog mascot, The Artful Dodger. Little did we know, when we named him, that his name would be incredibly apt. Dodger does not just have a taste for my non photocopy blue Prismacolors, but also my Wacom Intuos5 stylus’. I pluralize this because, of late, he has gone through three of them. That’s right – $180 worth of stylus has ended up inside this dog’s maw.

Before you call me an irresponsible tablet owner, I’d like to introduce you to Dodger’s accomplice.


This is ETG’s cat mascot. Lazarus Long, aka “Lazlo”, aka “Mister Mittens”, has been Dodger’s fast friend since they met in November. I was worried when we brought a cat home from rescue as a snap decision that there might be trouble. Well, there was, but it wasn’t the kind I expected.

Lazlo, you see, can open drawers. He can open drawers up high. He likes to take out fun and neat things from the drawers to bat around. Then the dog eats those fun and neat things. Those fun and neat things usually end up costing a lot of money, because electronic devices are their forte.

It think it’s Lazlo’s revenge for my calling him “Mister Mittens”, but I refuse to relent to terrorism.

These helpful critters are not the only reason I haven’t any illustration offerings lately, but they are not wholly innocent either. It’s a good thing they’re cute, but I’m hoping one of these days they’ll go out and get some jobs to pay off the massive debt they’ve amassed. I wonder if I can write off “animal destruction” on my taxes?

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