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April 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


I’m finally done with my latest project… the thing that’s been keeping me from making more posts here. I’m pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out.

I figured I’d give you guys a little bit of background on me, at this point. My degree is in television writing; I got my BFA from a conservatory that only accepted 20 students per year. It was a wonderful program and I love writing, but there’s a lot more call for graphic design.

I have taken 1 art class in my senior year of high school; I took one HTML class in middle school; I took a graphic design class in high school too. Finally, I got a brush-up on the newer Adobe products recently. That’s the list of all my Art and Design training.

I’d love to get more classes, though. Namely I want to do a lot more still life and landscape practice. But for the most part, all my A&D work is born of necessity. End Transmission Games LLC is not a big company, and when one of two of its members can only draw stick figures, the rest of the stuff falls to me. I’m lucky I love graphic design, but I do still feel like an imposter 98% of the time, especially next to all the trained and talented artists out there.

Still, I’d say that website ain’t half bad for someone who hasn’t coded in over a decade ;).

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