March 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

Hello friends,

After having /been buried in work for the past month, we finally made it to the end of Lunacon. Lunacon is a sweet little Sci Fi con in Rye Brook, NY, but it’s sadly a dwindling con as well. All the staff are very nice, but many of the usual folks are older fans. New blood seems a bit hard to come by. Running LARPs in Westchester for almost 8 years, I understand… Westchester is not the most geek-laden of locations.

Still, we had a great time! We spent a long time in the dealers room and met a ton of nice folks, and had a great time on a few panels. Also, I walked away with two arts – the Vitruvian by Sarah Clemens, which Dev and I were both holy crap in love with, and the War Griffin by William O’Connor which… I mean, it was the cover of this year’s program and I just about died when I saw it.

Also, we got to play Eminent Domain, which is a great game! If you like deckbuilders like Dominion, and also space, check it out.

As for End Transmission Games, we managed to get print copies of Phantasm (2010) and Anathema out in time and they looked GORGEOUS. I’m glad we did, because they were pretty popular :).

Well, time to unwind a bit! Back to work tomorrow.


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