I have so much to do!…

February 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

…But I’m here instead!

Because I wanted to update you guys on the exciting stuff that’s been going on over here. I’m going to do the brief, bullet-points version, for the sake of my sanity :).

  • Our very first booth ever will be at Lunacon 2013 in Rye Brook, NY on March 15-17th. We’re also going to be on some panels, which is very exciting too! Lunacon has always been local to us, but we’ve always missed it for some reason or another. I’m excited to finally be doing it.
  • We will be releasing a BRAND NEW GAME at the con! So exciting! And also one of the reasons I’ve been subsisting entirely off of coffee and other stimulants for the past week. You can read a bit more about it on our company page, here! The short version is that it’s an all-purpose science fiction game with lots of fun vehicle and starship combat stuff. We’ve been playtesting it a bunch and I can say it works well for both campaigns and quick pickup space battles between two people. I will hopefully be able to post some teaser art for it soon!
  • We’re going to be Kickstartering our next game very soon! For those of you who liked Phantasm (2010), this is another game using the Cinema6 System (and if you haven’t checked out Phantasm (2010) yet… why not? It’s free!). I’d say more but I like mystery so… just stay tuned!
  • Our con schedule for 2013 is boss! After Lunacon, we have a booth at Gen Con, which we’ll be sharing with the fabulous Machine Age Productions. For those Shadowrun fans, both the line dev for End Transmission and Machine Age are SR writers, so stop by our booth and say hi (and buy our stuff!). It’s also looking like we’ll be going to Origins Game Fair, and the awesome RetCon in Long Island, NY! And that’s just what we have (mostly) confirmed so far.

“Brief”, right? And I’m almost sure I’m forgetting something :).

– Mik ❤

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